Polword Ltd. runs many new Polish for Beginners courses and about twenty Polish courses for Above Beginners, they all vary in levels and times. They also vary with lenght to suit our students' busy life schedule. 

We run Evening courses, Lunch-time courses, Morning and Weekend courses.

For our BEGINNERS courses go please here

For our ABOVE BEGINNERS courses contact us directly, please. All our courses run around the clock all year and you can join them any time. After a provisianal assessment, you will be invited to a complimentary trial lesson where your level will be assessed in details. If your level is higher or lower than the one of the group, you will be directed to another group for a complimentary trial lesson again. We ensure, you are allocated to the best group for you. We want you to be happy and study in a appriopriate group to get best results

Course Prices 


If you joing any course after it has started already, you pay only for the ammount of lessons left on the course.