Evening Courses

Our Evening Beginner Courses usually consist of 15 hrs of material split into 10 weeks. Continuation courses usually follow afterward.

The classes  are small, with no more than 8 students, so that you are in a perfect environment to immerse in Polish and learn more effectively.

We are happy to offer you a free trial lesson. 

Courses Details

Please contact us for more information

Course Programme

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and other people
  • greet people and say good-byes
  • ask and give telephone numbers and addresses
  • talk about yourself - your nationality, age, language, profession, etc.

  • describe people

  • talk about hobbies and interests and spending free time

  • buy clothes all by yourself  - prices, sizes, colours, etc.

  • as well as know names of shops and where to buy various things

  • know the basic Polish food and meals
  • learn about some funny/irritating/unusual/usual ways Poles do something and believe
  • learn about Polish culture and avoid faux pas!

The course is based on a course book  "Hurra. Po Polsku1" and with its communicative approach you will be able to start speaking in no time.

The course book is not included in the course fee. You can purchase it at £25 from us.


Don't worry if you have missed the beginning of a course you are interested in. Please contact us at info@polword.co.uk so that we can arrange our special "catch up lessons".

In some cases we are pleased to offer these on a complimentary basis. And you will catch up with a group in no time