One-to-One Lessons


If you are plan­ning to learn Polish you are cer­tainly in the right place. Polish One-to-One Lessons are perfect for busy individuals who are time con­scious and want to see sub­stan­tial results promptly. You will get the best learn­ing expe­ri­ence combined with max­i­mum of individual attention and a proper feedback during each lesson.


Prior to starting your lessons, we will talk to you about your objectives: what and how you want to learn Polish. We will prepare a personalised learning plan for you taking into consideration all your requirements. Whether you learn for family, travel or work purposes, you are a beginner or can speak some Polish already, you are keen on improving your speaking skills or want to work on your grammar – it’s up to you – this is your plan and we are here for you!

You have the vision; we deliver it! As simple as that.


You choose when and how long for you have lessons. You can arrange and rearrange lessons according to your busy schedule.


Our teachers are caring, dedicated and professional. Their passion to teach matches their vast education. They are all Polish native speakers with the proper educational background: MA in Polish Studies as well as post-diploma courses in Teaching Polish FL backed up with years of experience in teaching Polish. Learning Polish with us, you can be sure you are in good hands!



We offer a taster class to check if you like a teacher and her teaching style (however, we are sure you will love lessons with us!)

Then you can choose an option which suits you the best 

Payment Options

  • Tester class – 1 hour - £27.00
  • first promotional block of 10 hours (new students only) - £ 290.00
  • each subsequent block of 10 hours - £ 320.00
  • 1 hour (individual purchased) - £ 35 p/hr



  • Contact us to book your first lesson
  • If you are not a total beginner, we will run a complimentary language assessment with you.