Teacher Training - Polish State Certificate Exams

How to succesfully prepare your student for a State Certificate Exam in Polish as a Foreign Language.

Polword, is the only accredeted school in the UK, to conduct State Certificate Examinations. 

Live Online Teacher Training run by a State Examiner, dr Beata Terka

Workshop Prices

  • Thursday, 12th December, 7pm

    Line Online Webinar - £10

12th December, 7pm


If you are a teacher of Polish FL, this training is a must for you. It gives you an essential and practical knowledge how to prepare your students for this exam and succeed.

If you are a student and would like to take such an exam, please ask your teacher to attend our live online teacher and examiner training.

They will learn everything they need to help you with preparations.



Jeśli chcesz dobrze przygotować swojego studenta do państwowych egzaminów certyfikatowych z jpjo to zapraszamy na szkolenie online!

Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o egzaminach certyfikatowych i jak najlepiej przygotować do nich studenta!

Szkoła językowa Polword jest jedynym centrum w UK, akredytowanym do przeprowadzania tychże egzaminów organizuje je już 15 i 16 czerwca.

The State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language targets foreigners and Polish citizens who live abroad and may be willing to document their knowledge of the Polish language to apply for a citizenship or to access higher education.

Such certification may also become useful when applying for jobs in business, health or the civil sector.State Certificate Examinations