About Our Teachers

  • Magda teacher of Polish

    My name is Magda. I am a qualified teacher of Polish Language, Culture and Literature with experience of teaching English and Polish as a second language. I have been teaching Polish for nearly 10 years now, both in Poland and in England. I have started my career as a language tutor in Poland at the Lublin Catholic University.  I need to say that the longer I teach the more I love what I do because teaching is my greatest passion and it is also an excellent way to meet new people and face new challenges. I agree with Joseph Joubert who said that ‘To teach is to learn twice’.

    My tutoring approach depends on people I work with, their learning goals, their nature, age etc. Bearing in mind my own experience of learning languages I will not ask my students to read long texts and write essays during our classes but I will involve them in role playing and games instead. During my lessons I ‘force’ students to speak as much as possible from the very beginning, because I believe that communication is the most important thing.

    Privately I am a busy mum of two young children. I love travelling, skiing and cycling. I have a passion for literature, good European movies and theatre.

  • Ewa - teacher of Polish and German

    I am a Polish and German languge teacher. I studied German at the Teacher Training College in my home town Ciechanów. Then I studied in Germany, in Leipzig, which is a fantastic city. After three years I decided to have a break and went for a year to Romania. Back in Poland I continued studying at the Warsaw University and did an Postgraduate Course in Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language at the University in Lublin.
     I have been teaching for 13 years now. It has been  challenging and rewarding, full of surprises. And keep learning a lot from my students.
    I like silence and live music. I enjoy walking. I love cooking. I would like to walk the Way of St.James ( maybe just a part of it) and go on a trip with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

  • Ewa Maria - teacher of Polish and Russian

    I’m a Polish and Russian teacher. I was trained at Pedagogical University in Cracow, Jagiellonian University in Cracow and Moscow University for the Humanities. I also hold a Business Russian Certificate issued by Saint Petersburg State University.


    I’ve been teaching for nearly ten years now. I cooperated with Pedagogical University in Cracow teaching the language in the areas of Business, Chemistry and Medicine. During my lessons I show that learning language isn’t only hard work but great fun more than anything! I don’t only teach vocabulary and grammar but also help students develop communication skills useful in everyday situations. I try to implement an individual approach to every student taking into account their needs and interests.


    Teaching is a passion of mine but I’m also interested in the culture of East Europe and I can speak Ukranian and Lemko-Rusyn. I love theatre and I’m currently preparing to defend my PhD project about Polish alternative theatre! I work with several theatre magazines writing reviews.

  • Edyta - teacher of Polish, founder of Polword

    There is a saying:  “Find a job you love and you won’t have to work till the end of your life…”

    And our of this passion Polword was created. I love teaching as well as exploring  new ways of teaching Polish as a foreign language. I also work at University College London and Univeristy of Cambridg and my research interests are in glottodidactics.  I am working on an experimental method of teaching Polish at the moment and I hope you will like it :-)

  • Anna - teacher of Polish

    I was born in Warsaw, but it is Wrocław where my heart belongs.  I have been teaching Polish and Polish for foreigners for five years, and  I am absolutely and faithfully in love with my job. What I like most in teaching is meeting new people, sharing knowledge and…having fun.

    My one and only advice (and also me teaching motto) for those who choose to learn Polish is: ‘Take it easy. Breath. Enjoy it and… love it’. Mind you, Thomas Carlyle could not have been wrong writing that: ‘A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge’.

    When I have free time I like: watching good European movies, spending time with my friends, and travelling. My last holiday destination was South East Asia, and it has simply stolen my heart. And just recently I’ve taken up yoga, which works miracles for me and, in a way, is very similar to learning foreign language– needs patience and time but make you sooo addicted to it...

  • Janusz - teacher of English

    My name is Janusz. I have always been fascinated by broadminded passionate people, who dare do interesting things. My personal admiration goes to those learners who decided to study in spite of various odds . As a teacher , I’ve been delighted to take an active part in their life-changing experience.
    In my free time I am keen on jogging, visiting museums and listening to music ( I admire Monteverdi, Chopin and Peter Gabriel …); I always crave a good essay that can help me have a better insight into language , for example by Chomsky ; my guilty pleasure is popular literature ( Dan Brawn, Mark Haddon). For years I have been subscribing to Newsweek, which fills me in on the latest news.

  • Kay - teacher of English

     I am passionate about foreign language education and I cherish the moments when my students realise that they CAN truly express themselves in English and that it is also their language.

    I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for the last four years and I became a language coordinator at Polword in January 2011. Since I love 'exploring' both art and teaching languages, I hold a BA degree in History of Art from the University of London as well as the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. I always strive to enhance my teaching methodology, therefore, I am also currently completing an MA degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of London.

    I can't live without teaching so I always keep myself busy but when (if) I have a day off, I enjoy relaxing in one of London's hidden cinemas, where I can be engrossed in the world of quirky and unconventional films.

    At the language centre I always ensure that each of our students receives individual attention during their time with us and that the customer service is of the highest standards. I also encourage our students to learn more about European Cinema and I am a proud founder of Polword Film Club. Above all, as an EFL teacher I constantly aim at providing motivating and engaging one-to-one tuition as well as group courses.