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  1. "The course was excellent, all the teachers and staff are always caring and friendly. True professionals!"

    Ben - Polish course - Beginner (9th May 2018)

  2. Very positive learning environment. I would recommend to any friends!

    Iougo - Polish course - Beginner (19th Mar 2018)

  3. Very enjoyable. Looking forward to the next course!

    Mike - Polish course - Beginner (19th Mar 2018)

  4. I'm very happy with this course. I like the group and it feels very settled now.

    Anna - Polish course - Improver (10th Mar 2018)

  5. The course is really good. I love learning Polish!

    James - Polish course - Beginner (16th Feb 2018)

  6. The course is excellent and the staff is very professional and efficient. Ewa is a great teacher!

    Peter - Polish course - Beginner (16th Feb 2018)

  7. Fantastic teacher, interesting varied classes and right amount of homework. Great learning experience overall.

    Katy - Polish course - Upper Beginner (15th Feb 2018)

  8. "School is great and learning Polish has been fun and interesting experience. The teacher made it very accessible for us to learn efficiently"

    Didier - Polish course - Improvers (15th Feb 2018)

  9. "Really fabulous set up and methods! Loved the small class size and useful material covered. Teacher made it fun and I enjoyed the positive, upbeat manner"

    Katie - Polich course - Beginner (15th Feb 2018)

  10. "Excellent teaching - very conscientious and patient. The staff are very warm as well as professional"

    Sarah - Polish course - Upper-Improvers (4th Mar 2018)

  11.  “The teachers are committed – I look forward to my lessons very much”,

    John - Polish course - Upper-intermediate (2nd Nov 2011)

  12. “I have been going to courses here from time to time for a couple of years now. Small class sizes which means you can progress at a speed which suits you (and not get lost in a huge room of other students)”

    Alan - Polish course - Conversational and Intermediate (2nd Nov 2011)

  13. The course has been well planned, well paced and delivered extremely well”

    Ciaran - Polish course - Beginner (2nd Nov 2011)

  14. "Excellent course. I have learnt so much more about the Polish language and have greater confidence in speaking. Thank you."

    Zygmunt - Polish course - Beginner (22nd Oct 2011)

  15. "I have come back to the school after about 6 months off. Really enjoyed last lessons - great atmosphere + staff"

    Louise Collie - Polish course - A2 Stage2 (21st Nov 2011)

  16. "I am very satisfied with the course and the teachers. Classes are fun and there are always different activities going on."

    Rachele - Polish course - A2 Stage2 (1st Feb 2012)

  17. "I love my course"

    Lucy - Polish course - A2 Stage 2 (22nd Feb 2012)

  18. "The course is very interesting and is delivered at a suitable pace. Kinga is a fantastic teacher and takes time to check that the class understand the lesson and also makes the lessons very enjoyable"

    Ciaran - Polish course - Upper-Improver (1st Mar 2012)

  19. "I've really enjoyed the course - lots of interesting topics, very well taught. It's really nice as well that the school organizes cultural outing/ film, evenings, etc."

    Kate - Polish course - A2 Stage 4 (13th Mar 2012)

  20. "Je suis tres content!"

    Eleonora - English course - A1 (17th Mar 2012)

  21. "Jestem bardzo zadowolony ze sposobu prowadzenia kursu"

    Mariusz - English course - A1 (17th Mar 2012)

  22. "Bardzo LubiÄ™"

    Ronan - Polish course - B1 Stage1 (29th May 2012)

  23. "The course was excellent and the school staff are always caring and friendly"

    Patricia - Polish course - Intensive Beginner (4th May 2012)

  24. “Friendly staff and teachers, centrally located in London”

    Martin - Polish course - Intermediate (7th Aug 2011)

  25. Small classes and very enjoyable. On a trip to Poland, I was pleased with how much I had learnt"

    Chris - Polich course - Beginner (7th Aug 2011)

  26. “Excellent courses”

    Katherine - Polish course - Upper-intermediate (2nd Nov 2011)