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We would like to invite you to take part in our final editon of the Pollan Course - a Free Polish Beginner Course based on the Callan Method, a direct method successfully used in learning English as a foreign language. It takes a quarter of time to learn a course material course compared to traditional methods. We would love our students to learn faster.

The course is a part of the PhD research.

What we did...

We have transposed the principles of the Callan Method into the Polish language and carefully designed a course believing that it will become a trully revolutionary method and will let students to learn Polish quickly and effectively.

We have limited places (maximum 8) so please hurry.

This is an intensive course held from 31st July till 11th of August, from Monday to Friday from 5.30pm till 7.20pm. The times may change if it suits the whole group.

The course is FREE.

To ensure our research fo succeed, we require a fully refundable deposit of £100. The deposit is refunded if a student has 100% of attendance and fill a questionnaire before the course. After the course, students will be asked to do a short exam to check the results of the course and anable compare withthe results of  "traditional" courses. There will be also a final questionnaire to fill in.

New Course Dates

  • Commences: 31st July £0

    Monday to Friday 5.30pm - 7.20pm

To book a place or ask for more information, please click Info request/booking


  • our Pollan course is designed for complete beginners
  • as an experimental course it is offered for free  
  • consists of 20 hrs of the course (1 hr = 50mins)    
  • intensive - 2 hrs a day   
  • limited places - no more than 10 students  (preferably up to 8 students)      
  • after the course, students will be asked to do a short exam to check the results of a method


IMMERSION - you will speak only Polish, from the beginning to the end of the class. There will be no other language spoken which will enable full language immersion.

SPEED - you will learn to speak and understand Polish like a native speaker. The teacher speak quickly and you will learn to understand Polish as it is spoken naturally

STRUCTURE - you will learn the most important words first. The structure is carefully design and even if you are a beginner, soon you can handle a simple conversation

GRAMMAR - and vocabulary is learned in contects. Each question asked by the teacher practises a key word or grammar point.

REVISION - each lesson is based on revision. Every time you repeat a word or sentence, you remember it better until you understand it completely and use it automatically and with confidence

FLUENCY - the teacher corrects your every mistake and prompts the correct answer, soon you can speak fluently and with the right accent