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Dear All,

We were overwhelmed with the responce we have received. Thank you all for your interest in our course. The course is fully booked at the moment, but please register your interest and/or book a place on a waiting list here.


If you live outside London / the UK, we are going to start live online courses in September. Please let us know if you would be interested. Let us know what country you are from and what day/time would suit you best


In Septmeber, we are starting many new beginner and above beginner courses. If you are interested and enrol before 10th August, we would like to offer you a 25% discount. 





We would like to invite you to take part in our final editon of the PhD research - a Free Polish Beginner Course. This is the second part of the whole research and will probide us with vital information  and you with a valuable skill - speaking Polish.

The course will be run by Edyta Nowosielska, a director of Polword and also a lector of Polish at the University of Cambridge. 

it is a second part of the research - based on a communicative approach to the language.

The course is a part of the PhD research.

We have limited places - maximum of 10 students, so please hurry.

This is an intensive course running from 29th July till 9th August, from Monday to Friday from  7pm till 8.50pm.

The course is FREE. The course materials will cost £10

To ensure our research fo succeed, we require a fully refundable deposit of £100. The deposit is refunded if a student has 100% of attendance and fill a short questionnaire before the course. After the course, students will be asked to take a short exam to check the outcomes of the course which will anable to compare results of both, experimental and a control group. There will be also a final questionnaire to fill in.

It will provide a vital knowledge of how the Method is working. 

The three previous editions of this experimental course have been highly promissing :-)

The course will be held at Polword Ltd, 64 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7QH   

New Course Dates

  • Free Intensive Polish Course

    Monday to Friday 7 - 8.50pm, 2 weeks / 20 hrs, Start: Monday, 29th July till 9th August

To book a place or ask for more information, please click Info request/booking

More Info

  • our Pollan course is designed for complete beginners
  • as a part of the experiment, the course is offered for free  
  • consists of 20 hrs of the course (1 hr = 50mins)  
  • intensive - 1hr and 50mins a day   
  • limited places - no more than 10 students     
  • after the course, students will be asked to take a short exam to check the results of a method