Christmas Booster

How to “survive” Polish Christmas is a style?

We would like to offer you three forms of preparation for a Polish Christmas, depending on your time-schedule:

Christmas Kicker -  Saturday = 3 hrs

Christmas Booster - one week (five days) = 15 hrs

Evening Course - ten weeks = 15 hrs


  • Christmas Kicker - a short Saturday three-hour introduction to Polish festive vocabulary and traditions. You will learn Polish customs, how to behave on a Christmas Eve (the most important day of holidays) as well as to sing a carol and write Christmas wishes
  • Christmas Booster - a fast-track conversational course with elements of Polish culture (a week intensive course - 15 hrs). If you are to Poland for Christmas, but do not speak Polish or never have been to Poland before, this is the very course you want to attend.  Along with the Christmas vocabulary, you will learn what to say in some basic situations. Little grammar, lots of communication...
  • Regular Evening course - it already started on Thursday, 21st November and will run till 6th February 2020 but you can still join in. It is designed for obtaining a long term objectives and starting a regular lessons asap. We will give you a complimentary catch up to learn the already covered material

Courses Details

  • Christmas Kicker

    Saturday, 7th / 14th / 21st Dec, 9am - 12pm, £33

  • Christmas Booster

    Mon to Fri, 9th to 13th Dec, 10am - 1pm, £195

  • Evening Course

    Thursday, 21st Nov, 7.30 - 9pm, 10 weeks= 15 hrs, £185


Course Programme

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and other people
  • greet people and say good-byes
  • exchange Christmas wishes (for Wigilia day)
  • write a traditional Christmas card

  • feel at home during Christmas in Poland

  • sing a few Polish carols

  • understand what happens during Wigilia and the whole Christmas period

  • recognise Polish traditions

  • know when to put a present under a christmas tree

  • feel more comfortable with the Polish way 

All the materials are provided

During all the three courses:

you will learn words and expressions essential for the season, also how to exchange wisheswrite a Christmas cardsay Christmas and New Year's greetings in Polishhow to sign a presentsing some carols, as well as what to expect on "Wigilia" day.

We will talk about elements of Polish culture, Christmas customs and you will be shown the best way of presenting your best self in front of your Polish family and friends. In general we will help you to "survive" Polish Christmas in style!

There is no much grammar - developing your communicative skills and vocabulary is what we are looking for here.

Confidence in every aspect can be gathered.

If you prefer learning individualy, please contact us to arrange a first session