Tuition For Children

Being bilingual is the best gift you can give to your child. It gives them additional chance to succeed in their life. What better can you do as a parent?

If you or your partner are Polish and live in the UK, you may want your child to speak proper Polish. Our home tuition service can solve the problem.

Individual Tuition

    Lessons are available every day by appointment from 8am till 9pm


    All our teachers hold MA in Polish Studies and have vast experience in teaching Polish to children


    Every Individual Tuition Programme is adjusted to individual needs and demands of your child


    £40 / 60mins at your premises. The price includes all learning materials for your child

    If you book 10 or more lessons in advance we offer you a discount -  £38/ 60mins

    To book your Individual Tutoring Course or get more information, please contact us


 A Guide for Parents of Bilingual Children - FREE DOWNLOAD

This guide is designed to convince parents that helping their children to become bilingual although not easy, is worthwhile and extremely rewarding. To give your child a solid foundation for future bilingualism will be one of your great accomplishments: a gift that will keep on giving.

Why bilingual?

The benefits of speaking more than one language. The second edition of this A Guide for Parents of Bilingual Children has one goal and one goal only: to convince parents to speak to their children from the moment they are born in their native language or languages, and in that way help them to become bilingual, or even trilingual, in later life. It seeks to convince parents to start their children on the road to bilingualism in the simplest, most natural way known – by talking, playing and singing to the child from birth in the parents’ native language or languages.