A Level

Our Polish A-Level Preparation Courses are tailor-made for students who want to take these exams. The courses will cover preparation for the exam, all of required topics, exam questions and common mistakes analysis as well as a mock exam.

Individual Tuition:

1. At Polword: £35 p/hr or 33 for the block of 10 or more hours

2. At the comfort of your home: £40 p/hr (travel charges are added on the top if it is outside zone 2) or 38 for the block of 10 or more hours

Group and individual courses are run by experienced teachers teching A-level for many years

New Courses

  • A-Level group courses' dates will be announced soon £

Please contact us for more information

Course Programme

  • Our AS and A2 exam preparation courses involve a careful and thorough cover of all syllabus topics, checking understanding of the material and the ability to manipulate it under exam conditions.
  • In order to fulfil the requirements of the A-level exam, a student must not only possess clear and detailed syllabus knowledge, but must also have mastered writing and question-answering techniques, such as selection, planning and timing.
  • It is a combination of knowledge and technique that enables a student to do well and our preparation courses address both, ensuring that you have all the tools you require
  • The courses will cover material of all topics, exam questions, common mistakes analysis as well as a mock exam.

AS and A2 Level Exam Specification can be found at AQA