Above Beginners Courses

If you have previous experience of studying Polish and would like to continue your journey with us, look no further. We are running almost twenty classes per week, for students who have already made their first steps into Polish and are somewhere along the way. This means that there is a very high chance to find you a suitable group within just a few days.


The simplest way to find a group that’s suitable for you, drop us an email on info@polword.co.uk and we will then ask you a few questions about your past experience of Polish language and liaise with our fabulous teachers who will be able to tell us precisely if their groups can be suitable. Next part is the best… we will invite you to a non-obligation FREE TRIAL SESSION with the proposed group so that you can check out what’s in store for you.


Our aim at Polword is to give you the best possible opportunity to study Polish language with confidence and seeing the progress that you are making. As a school which has been on the market for over 18 years, you can be confident that our expertise will lead you to great and measurable results. Throughout our history, we have guided thousands of students, starting from scratch or like yourself, building up on the foundations to complete fluency. You can be sure you’re in the right place to develop your knowledge and expand your horizons.


Many of our students have been able to convince themselves of how great they have progressed, by sitting the Polish State Certificate Examinations. This is the only Polish state-led exam that confirms your knowledge as a non-native and Polword is the only centre in the United Kingdom where you can sit these exams. In previous editions, we had scores of 75-95% of the available marks so our students can prepare very well for such fantastic opportunity. To find out more about these exams, please follow this LINK.