Private Lessons

We provide Russian Individual Tutoring on an individual basis for both personal and professional reasons. This is the most effective training solutions when you need to improve language skills in specific areas or when you have a busy work schedule and are often away on business.

The private classes are dedicated to people that need high flexibility with regard to their schedule and that have little time. In order to benefit from the classes to the fullest, this is the best option as the student will be able to study in his own pace and get all the attention of a teacher. The content as well as the schedule and starting date will be adapted to the student's needs and objectives.

You might not have the time for regular Russian Group Courses or prefer studying the language at your own pace with a tutor giving you individual attention.


    • Lessons available every day by appointment from 8am till 9pm
    • Cost of £35 per hour at our school or £45 if at your premises
    • Discounts if booked in blocks of 10 hours or more, £33 and £43 respectively

Useful Info

Benefits of learning with us:

Expert course design ⇒ better return on training investment

Tailor-made courses ⇒ faster progress

Qualified native-speaker trainers ⇒ good accent and cultural knowledge

Experienced trainers ⇒ you know you are in good hands

Wide range of up to date materials ⇒ more motivating for trainees

On clients’ premises ⇒ no wasted travelling time

Our premises ⇒ it might fit your busy day

Course times to suit your needs ⇒ more efficient business operations

To book your Individual Tutoring Course or get more information, please contact us:


Tel: (+44) 20 7631 0613

We are professional, which means that:

  • we will analyse your language needs and preferences and only then prepare the most suitable programme for you
  • you are taught by a properly qualified teacher with a long experience in teaching Russian

We are flexible, which means, that:

  • you can book as many or as few lessons as you wish - from 1to 20 hours a week. It is up to you, how intensive language training you wish to take up
  • lessons can be arranged on a week-by-week basis which can be rather helpful if your timetable is unpredictable
  • your lessons can take place on either our or your premises – you also can mix the locations to suits your busy day