Polword Film Club Evening - "Wenecja"

3 Aug 2012

Last Friday (3rd August) we had the pleasure to host our 5th Film Club Evening. Our students and teachers gathered together to watch a beautiful film by Jan Jakub Kolski, ‘Wenecja’ (2010).

Please see below a short synopsis of the film:

“Eleven-year-old Marek dreams of a trip to Venice. The outbreak of WWII, however, cuts short his fantasies. Instead, he’s packed off to a tiny Polish village in the middle of nowhere to live with his aunts in their dilapidated villa. When the villa’s basement is flooded, Marek creates his own version of Venice while the aunts join him in his make-believe world, until the realities of war intrude. Director Jan Jakub Kolski combines the brutal images of war with the dream-like qualities of a child's sensitivity and need for magic.  Based on the short story by Polish novelist Wlodzimierz Odojewski, the story of Marek’s transition from boy to man is shot in the luminous cinematography of Arthur Reinhart (Tomorrow Will Be Better)”

If you would like to join us for our next Film Club evening, please contact us at: info@polword.co.uk

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